Thursday, October 31, 2013

I'm going to Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp!!!

It only took 3 years but I'm finally going to Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp!  I made a stop motion video this year and finally got the email to go to camp in early December.

I don't have much information right now, but I've read some account of people who have gone in the past and it seems like this is a hands-on, insider tour of their brewery.  Hop room, brewing system, bottling line, grounds, barrels, you name it, you get to see and taste it.  I'm going to take a ton of pictures (if they allow) and will post them all.

Oh yeah, you also get to brew a beer!!!  I'm not sure how that process works but it seems like you kind of flesh out a recipe over email before going and then you get to brew a small batch of it and have it distributed around the country.  I'll post any details about that process as it comes.  I'm so excited!