Wheat Pale Ale - Bright citrusy pale ale for the summer time
Blue Nose (Swamp Head Big Nose Clone)
Russian Imperial Stout - Big, thick brew, good for treating with oak/whiskey
Citrus Honey Wheat - Easy drinking summer ale
Pumpkin Ale v1.0 - Using pumpkin puree
Pumpkin Ale v2.0 - Turned out better than v1.0.  Still a work in progress.  Closer to Punkin than Pumking
West Coast IPA
West Coast IPA v2.0
West Coast IPA v4.0
Peanut Butter Brown - Using peanuts and PB2 dried peanut butter
Founders Breakfast Stout Clone - Adapted from HomeBrewTalk
Kolsch - Hogtown Brew-off 2013 3rd Place, 38/50 in competition
Sweet Stout - Cigar City Cafe Con Leche style clone.
Sweet Stout v2.0
Saison - WLP 565
Hard Root Beer - Amazing recipe.
Columbus Pale Ale - Lower ABV, drinkable pale ale
Citra Pale Ale - Ended up muddled.  Will not brew again.
Brown Ale - Finished a little fruity.  Want bigger, darker, smoother malt character.
Oktoberfest - Brewed with Kolsch yeast.
Red IPA - Modern Times Brewing Blazing World clone
Red IPA v2.0 - Different recipe
Competition RIS v1.0 - Attempt at classic competition RIS (Made it to Final Round 2015 NHC, 41.5)
Porter - Pseudo Hill Farmstead Everett clone?
Lager - Pivo Pils inspired


Berliner Weisse - Simple recipe with tips on sour mashing.
Solera - 5 gallon solera.  
Sour Blonde-Soured wort, 100% Yeast Bay Brussels Brett fermentation
Sour Brown - Soured with lacto from grains and bottle dregs
Gose-Split from a batch of Berliner
Brett Pale Ale - Brett C.
Golden Sour- Golden sour base from The Rare Barrel
Dark Saison - Brett Drie and Hill Farmstead Dregs only.

Scrappy Hound House Beers

Saison #1 - Wyeast 3711.  
Saison #2 - Wyeast 3711.  Split batch with different water profiles.
Saison #3 - Wyeast 3711/3724 in a 50/50 split
Pale Ale #1 - Chinook to bitter.  Willamette/Centennial.  Wyeast 1056.
Pale Ale #2 - Chinook to bitter.  Citra/Amarillo.  Wyeast 1318.
IPA #1 - Centennial, amarillo, citra.
Berliner #1 - Omega Yeast Lacto Blend.  Fruited 2 versions (Passionfruit and Raspberries).

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