Tuesday, June 25, 2013

West Coast IPA

I'm taking another crack at an IPA.  My first one, Paws, was okay, but nothing great. This is a direct attempt at a west coast style IPA.  Huge hop profile, C hops, simcoe and a standard grain bill.

2 gallon batch

90% 2 Row
5% Carapils
5% C20

Hopped at 30 minutes with Columbus.
At 15, 5 and 0 with simcoe and centennial.
Also at flameout some more columbus.
Dry hopped with simcoe, centennial and columbus.

I hit my OG of 1.066, should end up around 6.5% ABV.

I used leaf hops for the first time and the sucked about .5 gal of a 2 gal batch, which sucked.  But it's in the fermenter with some rinsed 001 yeast.  I'm hoping for a nice citrusy/piney bite with a huge nose and hop flavor.  If it's good, this will be a staple. 

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