Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Scrappy Hound gets funky

I’ve been reading a lot about brettanomyces and have decided to finally take the plunge.  I’m not talking barnyard/funk/musty 6 month in the bottle type beers but 100% brett fermentations.  Brett isn’t scary and should act like saccharomyces in primary fermentation but can give some great twists on the classical yeast strain. 

I’ve started a little by fermenting 2 gallons of 1.036 OG Berliner weisse with yeast cultured from SN/RR’s BRUX, which I thought was mainly Brett B. but at it turns out is mostly a saccharomyces strain with some Brett B.  Either way, I’m interested to see how that turns out.  To really get into brett beers, I’m going to brew a pale ale and pitch a vial of brett claussenii.

Brett Pale Ale

4 lb 2 row
0.5 lb carapils
0.5 lb Crystal 20
0.5 lb Flaked wheat

0.25 oz Columbus (30 min)
0.25 Motueka (15 min)
0.25 Columbus (5 min)
0.25 Motueka (5 min)
0.25 Columbus (Flameout)
0.25 Motueka (Flameout)
0.25 Columbus (Dry Hop)
0.25 Motueka (Dry Hop)

Mashed at 152F with 1.72 gal and sparge with 2.29 gal.  Stove top BIAB. 
I opted not to make a starter because I wanted to get this done before I leave and also because I hear you can get some cool things going on when you under pitch. 
Fermented at room temperature ~68-72.

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