Monday, June 24, 2013

Wheat Pale Ale

I’m shooting for a low abv, drinkable, brightly fruity and hoppy pale ale for the summer.  I wanted to add some wheat for a soft mouthfeel and make this more of a wheat beer then a standard pale ale.  I haven’t ever used Galaxy or Nelson but I’ve had beers with both and I hope the combo (along with Citra) works.  These are all big, badass, assertive hops so I hope the hop flavor and aroma is similar.
I’m also going to switch my hopping schedule to the method that Stone uses.  Two additions: one to bitter and one at whirlpool.  I’d say their beers are hoppy enough and this is their supposed method.  I’m also going to try a new yeast because I’m a little bored of WLP001.  I’m hoping to get San Diego Super Yeast to try something new.

2 gallon batch

2.5 lb 2-row
2 lb white wheat
1 lb pilsner

0.25 oz Columbus (60 min)
0.25 oz Citra (Whirlpool)
0.25 oz Galaxy (Whirlpool)
0.25 oz Nelson Sauvin (Whirlpool)
0.25 oz Citra (Dry Hop)
0.25 oz Galaxy (Dry Hop)
0.25 oz Nelson Sauvin (Dry Hop)

Mash with 6.88 qt at 154 F (165.9F) for 60 mins.
Sparge with 2.82 gal at 168 F.

Preboil gravity 3.87 gallons at 1.035

WLP 090 - San Diego Super Yeast

OG 1.045 - 3 gallons
FG 1.012
IBU 25
ABV 4.3 %

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