Tuesday, June 25, 2013

2012 Brewing Goals

I know the year is more than half over, but I'm going to finish strong with a lot of brewing and experimenting.  Since I'm downsizing, most of these recipes are going to be stove-top, 2-2.5 gallon, Mr. Beer kit fermented in a temperature controlled mini fridge.  Kind of like a half version of what I've been doing.  I will be able to do the occasional 5 gallon propane burner brewing at a friend's house, but that will probably be rarer.
Planned brews/experiments before the end of the year:
5 Gallon Saison based on Swamp Head's Saison du Swamp (with 1 gallon split off and fermented with brett B. cultured from a bottle of BRUX)
Coffee stout (lower ABV, big, smooth mouthfeel, coffee bomb)
Re-brew/tweak of Scrappy IPA
Orange Honey Wheat or Raspberry Wheat (a beer for the ladies ;))
Peanut Butter Brown
If I have enough time I also want to fool around with my Citra SMaSH brew.  Keep the golden promise, maybe add a little wheat and then swap some Citra our for Simcoe or Amarillo.
Since they're all small batches I think this is doable, but right now that's whats on the docket.

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