Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pumpkin Ale

Sure it’s 95 degrees out. Sure it’s the middle of August. I don’t care! I had my first pumpkin beer last night (Sam Adams Fat Jack) and I’m in the mood for them. With that being said, I have put together a recipe that is a cross between DFH Punkin and ST Pumking, leaning more towards Pumking. I want a big (~8%), full bodied, sweet beer that has a load of spices and pumpkin taste. People say that you can make pumpkin beer without actual pumpkin but that doesn’t seem right so I’m definitely adding it.
6.5 lb 2-row
.75 lb crystal 40
1oz EKG (60 min)
WLP002 with a 750 mL starter
Estimated OG 1.085
Estimated FG 1.030
30 oz pumpkin purée mixed with maple syrup and baked at 350F until cartelized and add into the mash.
1tsp (or less) of pumpkin pie spice with 5 min left in boil.
To taste before bottling: more spices, vanilla, concentrated graham cracker crust extract.
It should be an interesting brew day with the puree and my first pumpkin brew but I think this has the potential to turn out really good.

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