Tuesday, June 25, 2013

West Coast IPA V2.0

I have so many big imperial bourbon barrel aged stouts, a bunch of my Breakfast Stout clone lying around I need a juicy IPA in the fridge.  I'm going to tweak my last IPA recipe and give it another go.  It was good, but I still want less of a malt backbone and a bigger hoppier bite.

3 gallon batch:

6 lb 2 row
0.25 lb carapils
0.25 lb Crystal 20L
0.25 lb flaked wheat

0.5 oz Columbus (60 min)
0.25 Centennial (15 min)
0.25 Simcoe (15 min)
0.25 oz Amarillo (Flameout)
0.25 Centennial (Flameout)
0.25 Columbus (Flameout)
0.25 Simcoe (Flameout)
0.25 Centennial (Dryhop1)
0.25 Simcoe (Dryhop1)
0.25 Amarillo (Dryhop1)
0.25 Columbus (Dryhop1)
0.25 Simcoe (Dryhop2)
0.25 Centennial (Dryhop2)

OG 1.064
Mash at 152F with 2.1 gal, sparge at 168F with 2.42 gal.
Fermented with WLP001 rinsed from previous batch.  1L starter.

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