Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hunahpu's Day 2013

A mini-TR about Hunahpu Day at Cigar City in Tampa. Mark and I went with some others for the day.

We got in line around 6:15 AM (gates were supposed to open at 7:50. The first 4000 people were guaranteed 3 bottles, next 1000 were guaranteed 2) and were about ~1000 people back in line. We had gone last year and got there at about 8:30 and were ~500 back in line, so this event has gotten more popular.

The line was probably ~2000 people long and winding into the Home Depot by 7:00 and Home Depot was not happy. They called the cops and Cigar City was forced to let everyone in around 7:15.

We got in and parked in a spot with our chair and coolers (outside beer was allowed). They sell tokens for $5 which you could trade for a beer (8 or 12 oz depending on the beer). One of our group bought tokens and gsupoker and I got in line at one of the 5 pouring stations which opened at 8:30. This was good for us because this line quickly became ~2 hours long to get from the back to the front. We got our first pours and sat down for the next few hours while everything reached a critical mass of ~7000 people. At noon they let people buy bottles after which a lot of people left and it was more manageable. 

Here's the list of what Mark and I drank over the course of the day:

Cognac barrel aged imperial sweet stout
Leon Barrel aged barleywine (might have been my favorite of the day)
2013 Hunahpu
Three Floyd's Zombie Dust
Jester King Funk Metal
Cigar City Right Side Up Pineapple Cake (tasted EXACTLY how it sounds, amazing)
Funky Buddha Last Snow (coconut porter)
Cigar City Bourbon Barrel Aged Cherry Cordial
Cigar City Bourbon Barrel Sea Bass
Stone Best By 4.1.13
Three Floyd's Supa Rice Ronin of Death
Angry Chair Raspberry Berliner Weisse (new FL brewery)
Half Acre Space IPA
Cycle Brewing Bottom of the 9th Brown
Cigar City Hopped up Johnnie (CCB Marshal Zhukov aged on Johnny Walker Blue oak chips then dry hopped, this stole the show)
Cigar City Jamonera
Cigar City Peaches and Cream
Cigar City Criterium Wheat
Three Floyd's Sand Pebbles
Cigar City/J. Wakefield Guanabana
Cigar City Dos Anos Kumquat Berliner Weisse

We stumbled out around 6PM (I think, not surprising but can't really remember) and were some of the last to leave.

It was a ridiculous day of beer I never thought I'd get to try and we came out of there with 14 bottles due to girlfriend mules and them opening up bottle sales around 5PM between the two of us. I'll be back every year they put this on as Hunahpu is one of my favorite beers and this event can't be beat.

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