Tuesday, June 25, 2013


So the Brett pale ale was something of a disaster.  I was heating my sparge water after I had just mashed and as I was doing that I started to clean.  I threw my grain out and cleaned the bag.  Yup, threw the grain out before sparging.  Whoops.  I was in such shock that I just went to the boil and then added water afterwards.  The result is that it was pretty bitter and just a totally different beer.  I fermented at room temp and when I took a gravity reading a few days ago it was down to 1.012 and tasted weird, with some pretty odd off flavors which I think are a result of the brett being stressed.  I'm going to keep it going because it still bubbles and check back soon.
I racked my two gallons of berliner weisse to a Mr Beer keg, rinsed the yeast (I got two big mason jar slurries of the Brux blend) and added a diced pineapple for some secondary.  I treated the pineapple with a cup of water with a campden tablet dissolved in it.  I took a sample the other day and there's a nice pineapple flavor going on.  I hope leaving it for a few more days will make it come through even more then I'll bottle this weekend.
The shandy I brewed up is fermenting big time and I'll be checking on the gravity and taste soon because I need to get that bottled up asap so that I can hopefully taste it before the event.  
I've been drinking bottles of my maple coffee stout recently.  I must have used too much maple syrup because it gushes when I open it, but if you're prepared you can get a full glass.  It is obviously under carbed at that point because it all vented off but its actually a fine beer.  I'm pretty happy with it.
Next up in a week or two will be another IPA.  I'll be using columbus and probably simcoe/centennial and tweaking my previous IPA attempt.  Cheers!

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