Friday, August 16, 2013

Hoppy Red Ale

The itch to brew is really getting to me right now.  I've got the Sour Brown quietly doing its thing in my closet, my Saison is just getting going and now I already want to brew again.  Since both the brown and saison are in better bottles at room temp (or in the case of the saison, getting hit with heat to get that WLP 565 to attenuate), I have room in my temperature controlled fridge.  I just got back from Modern Times in San Diego and their hoppy beers blew me away.  There is such a huge, pungent fruity nose in their beers, especially Blazing World, that I want to clone them.  Since they're awesome they've posted all of their recipes and tweaks online at The Mad Fermentationist's website and this makes my job easy.

Hoppy Red (Blazing World clone)

2.5 gallon batch

5.50  lb 2 row (82.7%)
1 lb Munich (15%)
1.6 oz Roasted Barley (1.5%)
0.8 oz Carafa III (0.8%)

0.75 oz Columbus (90 min, 93.1 IBU)
0.50 oz Simcoe (25 min, 37.5 IBU)
1 oz Nelson Sauvin (Hop Stand)
1 oz Mosaic (Hop Stand)
1.5 oz Nelson Sauvin (Dry Hop)
0.5 oz Mosaic (Dry Hop)
0.5 oz Simcoe (Dry Hop)

WLP 001

Mash at 149F (2.07 gallons).  Mashout at 168F with (2.82 gallons)
OG 1.066
FG 1.011
IBU 130.6
ABV 7.2%

8/25/13: Brewday.  Ran into hop problems.  Replaced 0.5 oz of mosaic with Nelson in hop stand.  Replaced 0.5 oz Nelson in dry hop with Galaxy.  Preboil OG 1.045.

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