Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2015 Goals/Scrappy Hound House Beers

I’ve finally reached another turning point in my homebrewing career.  So far I’ve graduated from extract brewing to all grain to upgrading equipment to make good beer to experimenting with different styles and methods.  I’ve now got my process down and I can make tasty beer, but more importantly, I’m over trying to brew a gimmicky imperial, session, double hopped vanilla brett dark saison (or whatever).  I’m at the point where I want to make phenomenal beer.  To do so, I think I have to narrow down my brewing and that’s my goal for 2015 and the near future, to nail a few different beers.  I’m not saying I’m done experimenting, if anything this process will only increase my experimenting with hops, yeast strains, blends, etc.  However, I am done with the weird beers.  I can buy them at the store, because we all know Rogue is only a month away from releasing a Peanut butter and fluff beer or something. 

My process will be to start with a base recipe that’s proven or researched online, brew it, then make one or maybe two changes, then brew it again.  Most importantly though, I am going to only do this for a few different types of beer that are my favorite and I won’t mind drinking over and over (especially if they’re good).  They are: hoppy (pale ale/IPA/maybe DIPA), saison, sour/tart (Berliner/Gose/fruited versions), and then a fourth which will probably be a rotation, but mainly a dark, roasty beer (milk stout/porter/American stout).  That’s it.  Those are the only beers I’m going to brew for the foreseeable future and I’m going to detail it completely here.  (Note: I am still doing my sour beers, but since so many of them are set it and forget it, I don’t include them here.)

I’m starting with a straightforward saison, then a Pale ale.  They’ll be brewed in the next week or two!

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