Friday, December 19, 2014

Solera Pull #1 Bottling

About 2 months ago I took my first pull from my "solera" and blended it with my Belgian golden in different ratios to make up 2 total gallons.  Today I bottled them up and now it's time to wait for them to hopefully carb up (I didn't pitch any other yeast) and then think of my next pull.


Blend of 2/3 solera with 1/3 Belgian golden.  Aged on 2 cans of tart cherries packed in water.  This was significantly tart, almost too much so.  The solera is so tart I need to blend it even more.


Blend of 1/3 solera and 2/3 Belgian golden.  Much better balance.  A nice sweetness to compliment the tart.  Golden in color. 

Can't wait to see these carbed up!

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