Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Quick Sour Update

If you don't remember, I recently brewed up a quick sour that I soured with Omega's Lacto blend to try to get a more consistent, clean beer than the one that I do with grain.  There's nothing wrong with souring with a handful of grain and I will continue to do it in the future, but I wanted something I could really dial in.  Omega's lacto blend is a mix of different strains and from what I had read, could sour quickly, without heat and do it consistently.

I gave it a whirl and it was very successful, taking my quick sour down to pH 3.1 in ~60 hours at 80F.  I then pitched boiled and pitched Wyeast 1056 to get a clean ferment and it was time to split this batch to try a few things out.

I split the 3 gallons 3 ways:
  • 24 oz frozen raspberries and ~1 c cold steeped midnight wheat for a Dark Raspberry Berliner
  • 3/4 of a bag of passionfruit puree for a Passionfruit Berliner
  • 4.2 g coriander and 5.2 g sea salt for a Gose
I bottled the gose immediately and the other two gallon experiments have been in my fermenter for about 48 hours before I got impatient and tried a sample.

The passionfruit berliner is very passionfruit forward.  The fruit lends some additional tartness and this beer is very in your face.

The dark raspberry berliner beer isn't dark anymore because the raspberries have totally saturated the beer.  It's a brilliant red and the nose is liquid raspberries.  By far the most fruit forward beer I've made.  I really am looking forward to trying this once it's bottled although I will definitely need to steep more midnight wheat.

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