Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bottling Funky Golden Brett

Back in October I talked about brewing up 5 gallons of a golden style beer to help in blending for my solera inspired beers.  After I topped off the solera and blended, I put the rest of the wort (~3 gallons) into a better bottle.  I had read that The Mad Fermentationist had been looking into the effect high phenols had on Brett funkiness.  I had this wort which was super phenol-y, so I figured this was my time to try to produce a beer similar to Wicked Weed's Serenity, which is a brett bomb and absolutely one of my favorites.

I pitched some The Yeast Bay's Brussels Brett that I had lying around, threw in the dregs from a Hill Farmstead saison and added some oak cubes.  Three months later it was ready to be bottled.  Using my sour bottling bucket, I got to work.

I like to use a variety of bottles to bottle sours.  I keep all thick glass bottles, but also wanted to bottle a few in normal 12 oz bottles in case this turns out good for competitions.

My main secret to bottling is to do it over the dish washer.  You don't have to worry about any drips because they land on the door and once you're done, just close it up and forget about it!  The next time you run the dishwasher it'll be as good as new.

I only got about 2.2 gallons from this batch.  I didn't top off the carboy to the full 3 gallon capacity.

All finished and labeled.  I'll give this a few weeks to make sure the brett does it's thing before cracking one open.  

The uncarbed sample was pretty delicious.  A little sweet, but the dregs and brett really did it's thing and ate away at the phenols.  This beer tastes nothing like a simple golden wort fermented with Abbey ale yeast.  That beer is hugely Belgian-y and this is a funky bomb. 

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