Thursday, January 30, 2014

Future Brews - Berliner Weisse and Treatments

I haven't been brewing and updating lately because I recently graduated and tried to tone down the brewing and drink all of my homebrew in anticipation of a job/move.  As I continue to look for jobs, I still don't want to brew in case something pops up and as a result, I have tons of ideas, but nothing to do with them!  I figured I'd outline plans that I want to do when I can start brewing again to get them out of my head and get a gameplan going for when I can brew again.

Firstly, I want to make more berliner weisse.  My past batches have been really delicious (Pineapple scored a 43) so I want to try new blends and drink more berliners!

Before I get into some blends I think I can do, I also want to try a new method.  I have previously soured my wort in a bucket at room temp or by keeping it as hot as possible.  Although I seem to have a great method, I want to be a little more scientific about because I have a heating pad but mainly because I want a consistent reproducible product.  I found this page and was then reading Wild Brews by Jeff Sparrow where I found the info confirmed.  Basically what this process does is keep enterobacteria (baby diaper, nasty smells/tastes, the bad parts about souring) at bay by souring at a pH that doesn't allow for enterobacteria growth (<4.3) but is still an enviroment for lactobacillus to thrive (>3.8).  I'll update with the process when I actually brew, but that's what's in the back of my head right now.

Now, on to the treatments:

Passionfruit (last time I used a little too much, trying to make more subtle)
Pineapple (one pineapple per gallon)
Berry (not sure on what type)
Key lime pie (coconut, vanilla, lime zest?)
Watermelon (need to determine a process for this, last time was a big failure)

I plan on using Goya frozen fruits for most of these, as last time I used them for passionfruit, they worked perfectly!  The pineapple will be fresh, because I did that last time.  I'm going to mess around with some tinctures and might use them, but that's a blog for another time.

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